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Left to right:

  • Dr. Brette Chapin – Oscillating Reactions
  • Linda Zhang – summer student in cocrystals
  • Amy Hall – Photoactive materials
  • Lottie Ayres – Pharmaceutical and cocrystal dissolution
  • Luke Chambers – Cocrystals and coamorphous materials
  • Alex Longcake – summer student in metallogels
  • Jon Steed – Photobombing
  • Jess Andrews – Anion Binding Gels
  • Dr. Matt Mulvee – Crystal Growth in Gels
  • James Smith – Pharmaceutical Crystallization in Gels
  • Jung Shin – summer student in gel synthesis
  • Jack Britton – Cocrystals (MChem)
  • Domonkos Perenyi – Gel phase Crystallization (MChem)
  • Dr. Dave Berry – CPI Collaborator

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